DET RIOT Clothing was launched to celebrate and embrace Detroit City.

DET RIOT Clothing was designed to bring awareness to the city of Detroit, to help restore the city to its once former Glory as a national powerhouse.

Since the economic downturn in the early 2000’s, Detroit has been the epitome of “The American Struggle”, but yet there is still a sense of unwavering pride that one has while wearing that “Old English D” or simply announcing they are from Detroit.

“DET RIOT” inspires a frame of mind. Not only does it apply to Detroit, but to any individual, city, school, or group that has ever faced adversity. We challenge you to RISE to that occasion and accept your challenge. By doing only that, you will have inadvertently INSPIRED another. Work through it or past it to OVERCOME your obstacles. In doing so, you will succeed and TRIUMPH over your fears. Be proud; for through you actions, large or small, you have accomplished something great.

“DET RIOT” is an acronym for 5 simple words: Detroit: Rise-Inspire-Overcome-Triumph. This is the basis of our campaign to shed light to the once again uprising of Detroit City and most importantly- self awareness.

Our goal is to continuously create & design new and exciting concepts that not only promote the city, but also instill confidence in one’s self, reinforcing the concept that if you work hard, goals can be reached & dreams can come true.

All concepts and designs are created and made in Metro Detroit.

“DET RIOT” is a trademark of DET RIOT Clothing.